From Mähren to Stuttgart

I became interested in the history and living conditions of my ancestors already from a young age. My family comes from Moravia, situated in the present day Czech Republic and, following the Second World War, was scattered out and found a new home not only in Baden-Württemberg but also throughout Germany.

The interest in my own family history and this curiosity for their living conditions in former times were the reasons for my professional career: I have studied history, politics and English in Tubingen, London and Stuttgart and was thus able to put together a sound foundation. In studying my own history and researching my forefathers as well as years of experience in the field of genealogy and archiving, I was able to expand on this foundation and acquire comprehensive knowledge associated with archives, libraries and historical sources.

My name is Gisela Müller. I was born in the quiet town of Kirchheim/Teck and grew up in Stuttgart only 30 kilometres away. Now I am already working for years as a genealogist and I am able to offer professional solid research.

Genealogy is always a discovery trip of a special kind!