Our Approach

1.) The first step is always the collect the relevant documents in your possession and to ask family members for additional information (e.g. birth, marriage and death certificates, official documents or private letters)

2.) Fill out the contact form with the details you have found out so far and send the email with your request (see: Contact Us). Be assured that your private documents stay private. The information will not be handed over to other people or institutions.

3.) A specific proposal will be drawn up and you will get an individual offer. You can also add additional aspects to an already given offer. If one of the research packages is the right offer, please select the package (see services and rates) The preliminary work is free of charge.

4.) Once the offer has been accepted or the package selected, the research can start within the agreed frame. You can be sure that the research will be accomplished as effective and fast as possible.

5.) As soon as the research is accomplished, you will get an overview of the results as well as the invoice.

6.) After payment you will get your family history, chronical or report (depending on the agreement) with copies of the documents or transcriptions in case the archive does not allow copies.

If there should happen to be no further documents and research can’t be continued we will let you know immediately. Costs will be reduced to the hours of research needed so far.