The adventure genealogy – discover the history of your family.

You are interested in genealogy and want to know more about your ancestors? It will be a pleasure for me to assist you in this adventure and to do the research for you in all relevant archives, might it be the archives of the church or of the state or towns (e.g. the main archive of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart which holds tax lists, military and citizen lists, land books as well as Inventuren und Teilungen – often with a lot of personal information – and many other interesting documents). With many years of experience I am familiar with all the archives necessary for a solid research.

With the result of the research, an individual picture of life in former times arises, often with fascinating insights. Questions will be answered like the origins of the family, the ancestors professions, the political and social circumstances, the impact of environmental impacts – in short, history comes alive. To answer questions like this, to dare a look in the past and to bring the history of your family to life – this is the task of genealogy.

Professional research, thorough evaluation of the results and a detailed report are a matter of course.

Follow the trail of your ancestors and discovering fascinating details of your family’s history!